Sylvain Hamann's portrait

Sylvain Hamann

Senior Front-End Developer


This page is about highlighting some of my favorite professional projects.

Ubisoft Club console app (2017-2019)

I was part of a team in charge of re-writing a five years old Single-Page Application used by Ubisoft games on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The goal was to migrate to a modern stack (React, Storybook, automatic tests, Continuous Integration) for a better Developer Experience while improving the app performance. The project was successful in reducing the load time from 5.4 seconds to 2.2 seconds. We even ported it on Nintendo Switch afterwise. I wrote a more detailed article about what I've done. What's cool about working for a video game company: players will record themselves. So you can easily find a nice video of your work.

Interactive hospital map (2016)

I developed an interactive map via PixiJs and tween.js for a hospital. The map was represented as a tilemap, imagine a 2D matrix where each cell can be a wall, a walkable floor etc... There was an editor app to design your map by drawing each tile or placing special sprites. I used a pathfinding algorithm in order to draw the shortest path between two tiles. Here is a video showing the result.

Offline first guest check-in app (2014)

We had a client in South Korea who was organizing networking events. We first developed an online quiz that would have new questions at each event. Winners would receive prizes such as a free bottle.
Our client was also printing a gigantic spreadsheet to verify if each guest was correctly registered. He wanted an app that would look fancier and which would work in places that had no internet at all. Back in those days the concept of Progressive Web App and Service Worker did not exist yet. But I still was able to develop an offline first web app via the appCache API. Here are some pictures taken at one of the events.