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I don't want to spam screenshots of all projects I've worked on. Please visit my Behance if you want to see them.

Instead, I am going to talk about my main project at Ubisoft. I've posted a thread on Twitter with more visuals if you are interested. I also wrote an article focusing on the navigation and others UX tips.

When I first started my job at Ubisoft Montreal, I was part of a team in charge of maintaining a Single-Page Application for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One which was roughly five years old. The tech debt was quite big, I’ve decided to work on my free time to prepare a proof of concept with React in order to convince my teammates and the management that a fresh stack would increase our comfort, our productivity and the performance of the app.
I’ve made a presentation to point out how performance is important for the User Experience. I’ve done my best to make sure that even people without technical background can easily understand. I have shown them real examples and statistics in order to sensibilize them e.g.

53% of people will abandon a mobile site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Source: Google

I’ve used tools such as Lighthouse and Webpagetest to show metrics of our application and I compared them with our competitors (e.g. Steam). I’ve mostly focused on file sizes, the app was shipping 651KB JS + 466KB CSS (gzipped) / 1.8MB JS + 1.1MB CSS (uncompressed). To explain why file size matters, I’ve introduced them concepts such as First Meaningful Paint and Time to Interactive. I also spent time to explain why image optimization is vital based on a HTTP Archive report. I’ve shown them an example of an image used on prod which had a size equal to 3.5MB. I used a simple tool called TinyPNG to compress it in front of them. People were amazed to see that I could reduce the image size by roughly 70% and keep the same quality.
I’ve also spent time to explain that too many HTTP requests, the code was hard to maintain and new technologies like GraphQL or the Backends for Frontend pattern could solve our issues. I’ve explained that we must track all those things with Google Analytics in order to base our future decisions and priorities on its reports. I also tried to introduce the concept of Design System and Atomic Design via Storybook and Figma.

The project was a success a we also ported it on Nintendo Switch afterwise. If you want more details about the stack and the final result then you should check this thread! You can also read my article focusing on the navigation and others UX tips.